Hillcrest Pillow Protector can absorb about a glass of water

  • Thick Padding
  • Zipper
  • Anti Dustmite
  • Anti Bacteria
  • Absorb Stain
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Why do I need pillow protectors in the first place?
It’s much more hygienic
Wash your pillow every week

While you sleep, your pillow collects your natural body and post-shower oils, hair conditioner residue, makeup etc. That’s something that can lead to clogging of your skin pores so think about it.

So one of pillow protector’s functions is keeping your pillow dirt free. Pillow protector prolongs the life span of your pillow. Instead of washing your pillow once it gets dirty, you wash the protector instead.

Is using a pillow protector affecting my health???

Firstly, hypoallergenic pillow protectors help you out with allergies and breathing issues.

It’s almost effortless to wash one, put it in the dryer and those dust mites are as good as gone.

If you have dry and soft skin or some skin condition like eczema, silky protector with low-friction level is a true blessing from the skies for you.

People with Parkinson’s disease, for example, have trouble sleeping due to stiffness and discomfort. Not a problem with an appropriate pillow protector.

Silky protectors slow down the aging process. They contain proteins and amino acids that really put your aging to a halt.

They effect your face skin and your hair. Smooth, low-friction protectors allow your face to glide over your pillow, so those morning face wrinkles will just be a bad memory. Same protectors stop your hair from being pulled by your pillow, prevent knotting, entangling and thinning of your hair.

Good pillow protectors act as temperature regulators, maintaining the perfect temperature of your body throughout the night. They also don’t conduct static electricity or heat.